Sunday, December 30, 2012

Smart Watches

Smart Watches by Avi Parshan

                           What is a Smart Watch?

According to,1237,t=Smart+Watch&i=51525,00.asp a smart watch is: "A wristwatch that retrieved weather, messages, reminders and stock quotes from Microsoft's MSN Direct wireless service, which transmits over an unused portion of the FM radio band. Introduced in 2004, the Smart Watch was part of Microsoft's Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT) initiative. The watches were made by Fossil, Tissot and Swatch, and users needed an MSN Direct subscription to download data. With the service intact until 2011, the watches were discontinued in 2008. "

I feel like smart watches are making a come back.It is too early to tell which watches will be "the best" and which ones seem are gimmicks. 

The facts 

the price range is from $150 to $500, Bluetooth is the way to connect, it is a tiny computer on your wrist. if you can afford the $1500 Google glasses then get those. Expect a Smart Watch to be announced at this year's CES (CES is a technology conference in Las Vegas that is taking place from January 8th-11)

Sony SmartWatch

This link lead's to Sony's SmartWatch website
This is a link to the Sony SmartWatch on amazon

$149 ($109 from amazon)

Works with select android devices, meant for Sony Ericssons and Sony Xperias
"The Sony Smart-Watch Doesn't Work right"

for android and ios

Supposed to come out January 23 according to CNN

i'm watch
$469 and up
it made an apearance at CES

WIMM One Watch
for android 


Motorola MotoACTV

$199 and up 


Apple rumored Smart Watch
It's still a rumor

As you can see I'm not done with this article. I am in the middle of editing this document when new information comes to me (like the apple smartwatch....)

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