Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vocabulary 6 Flashcards

Here are the flashcards for Vocabulary lesson 6
vocab 6 flashcards


not English?


not English?
Affectverbs-to influence ; to change ; to put on a false show or display of; noun -feeling or emotion, especially as shown in facial expression or body language
Effectnoun - a result; verb - to bring about
DepredationNoun- a predatory attack; a raid ; damage , destruction ,or loss
Deprivationnoun- the state of lacking or doing without something; loss
DisinterestedAdjective-Impartial;free of bias or self in an outcome
uninterestedAdjective-without interest ; having no interest or concern in a matter
emigrateVerb- to leave one's country or religion and settle in another
immigrateverb- to settle in a country or religion where one is not a native
precedeVerb- to come before
proceedverb-to go forward or onward

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