Sunday, June 14, 2015

Amazon Deal on lightning chargers (for apple devices)

Amazon is having a huge discount on lightning chargers. I suggest you get one soon, before they put the regular price back up.

At the moment this article is being written, Apple sells their chargers for $17.49 on amazon

All my Apple lightning chargers I have owned broke or melted. I bought a charger from New Trent, and the lightning connector piece actually got stuck in my iPad mini. 

I bought an AmazonBasics charger and it has lasted through many trips and charges. 

My only complaint is that it is a little short and the cord is thicker than the apple one.

This is certified by apple and met all of my expectations.

Here is what it looks like: 

Please note: the chargers do not include USB Wall Chargers (AC Power Adapter). Here are a few that I suggest:

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