Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Amazon releases two new Alexa devices

Amazon released 2 new devices to compliment the Amazon Echo. The Echo Dot and Amazon Tap

The Echo Dot costs $89.99. The idea of this one is to put in in any (or every) room in your house.  In addition: It comes with built-in speakers, but you can connect your own speakers using an audio cable or via Bluetooth. The bad news: you need a prime account with an Echo or Fire TV to order it. 

Next, the Amazon Tap. It costs $129.99, is portable, has 9 hours of battery. also includes amazon Alexa service. It also has Bluetooth and an audio jack. The idea of this is to have an assistant on the go, or as Amazon puts it "Made to Move". You can actually buy a case for this one preventing from damages, it's called the Amazon Tap Sling

Overall, I think these new devices complement Amazon's Echo very well!

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