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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Apple Keynote set for October 16th, 2014

Apple is having a conference, on October 16th, releasing a new iPad Air, iPad Mini, and some new Macs. Many sources have confirmed this rumor. The names of the iPads are not yet known, but some think that it will be called the iPad Air 2. The iPad is actually the 6th generation. The iPad Mini will be the 3rd generation version, it might be called the iPad Mini 3. 9 to 5 mac says that the iPads will have Touch ID.

There is another rumor going around: The iPad Pro. It will be a huge screen, 12 inches,  and will have a faster processor. This rumor seems unlikely to happen though.

There might even be a new Apple TV coming out. In Steve Job's biography, it mentioned that there will be a huge update to the Apple TV line. MacWorld thinks that it will have Siri on it. 

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