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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Great and free Android Tutorial Links

Update (7/13/2015): Added new books

As a new android developer, I tend to look at tutorials to aid me in implementing features into my app.

As a new android developer, I tend to look at tutorials to aid me in implementing features into my app.

Here are the tutorials, books, and other sources of information that I have used to aid my application development...

Coding Overview:

General coding overview :
Note: 38,000 word essay. 

Video Tutorials: 

Note: Great set of tutorials, that you should definitely go through . Most of them are using MIT App Inventor, which is a drag and drop builder...I mention that resource in the Other Sources category, later in the article...
if you want the slightly more complex one, which you see all the code:

Android Developers YouTube Channel:
Note: More focused on developer stories...

Google Developers YouTube Channel:
Note: Has a lot of topics, more than android

Android fundamentals Udacity course:
Note: Partnership between Google and Udacity. Payment for this course is optional, you can access the videos and course materials for free without paying, but won't get support from the teachers.

Social Help:

Android Developers subreddit:

Android Stack Overflow questions:

Android Enthusiasts Stack Overflow:

Other Sources:

Note: Officially from Google, this is their tutorial.

Android Developer Backstage Podcast: or if you use iTunes:

MIT App Inventor:
Note: drag and drop app builder, based on Scratch 

Material design implementation-
Note: More design focused, meant for apps that are already built...


Android is a difficult subject to learn, but it is well worth it.
Good luck and if you liked it, be sure to share this post.

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