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Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Best Smartphone on the Market according to operations research - 2014

As part of my math course, Operations Research, I measured multiple smartphones based on their product criteria. I have an excel file packed with the data, but that's difficult and hard to understand. So I made some graphs for you.

Here are some notes to help you understand the graphs completely. The score labeled "weight" (left of iPhone 6) means the highest possible score. It also is the level of importance to me (for that criteria). The higher the weight score in each criteria means it matters more in the total. For example, the cameras were not so important, but the battery life matters a lot to me. Although the Moto X 2nd gen. was a great phone, I removed it from my research because it is unavailable on Sprint.

Data like price might change over time. I plan on updating this segment in a new post for next year's smartphones.

If you click on a graph, it will lead you to the product page of the wining product in that category.

 The HTC One M8 had a terrible quality camera in comparison to the competition. For the sake of my survey, I ignored the whole "Ultra" Pixel marketing scheme that HTC pulled off.

 HTC One M8 values the selfie, that is why their front camera is better than their rear camera. HTC also measured their score in Ultra Pixels.

I chose the cheapest option from 16GB. Some of these phones weren't available in that size, so I chose the next option up.

 Some of these phones did not have micro SD cards at all. I favored the phones with micro SD cards more. The phones without this feature got zeros here.

 I favored the phones with removable batteries. The phones without removable batteries also got zeros.

 Battery life was pretty important to me. Notice how the iPhone 6 had terrible battery life (compared to competition).

The more RAM your device has, the faster and smoother it will run. The iPhone 6 and 6 plus both had 1GB of RAM.

 I prefered the smaller screens in this case. The Nexus 6 was 5.96 inches, It's the size of a tablet

I measured these phones in ounces. The iPhone 6 weighted the least, therefore it was the best.

I prefer iOS to Android because it has more apps on it's market. Also, the security on iOS is much better than Android. This section was completely opinionated.

Obviously, the cheapest price is the best. My family is on sprint, so the costs are based on contract from sprint.The LG G3 was very affordable at $50 (on sprint) at

Here is a look at all of those graphs from afar.


I thought the Galaxy S5 would win, because the camera is the best and the price is rather low. But in the end, the LG G3 ended up winning.

The results from Table F show that the LG G3 won by 0.65. The results from Table J show that LG G3 won by 0.11 of a point. The LG G3 came on top in both tables. As I quote from The Verge, “The G3’S greatest strength is its lack of weakness.” It had no outstanding features, except the inexpensive cost of the phone.

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