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Saturday, September 4, 2021

2021 Retrospect on my career and projects

Computer and peripherals on a wooden desk

2021 Retrospect on my career and projects

I apologize for being less active here, since I was released from the Israeli Air Force (after 3 years)… It took a toll on my personal blog and projects!

With that being said, somehow... I went viral on YouTube and that has given me the needed boost to keep making content and continuing for my long term fans. 

So here are some projects and other interesting things that I've been doing for the past while... that you probably haven't seen or heard of.

unitMeasure - I built an android unit converter... but it does a whole lot more than that... 

I worked on my JavaScript and spruced up on HTML and SCSS. That led me to make several front-end web projects. Looking back on it, I would have been better off working on the back-end as well because you can only do so much with a static site. 

It's been difficult for me to dedicate time and money to spinning up a backend (that isn't local), and then going on to support the project as well as protect it from hackers and vulnerabilities. Most of my projects either fail or fall by the wayside... and I doubt the app that would be built could generate enough revenue to cover my costs. 

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