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Tuesday, July 4, 2023

IDEA and Git - have two or more authors on a commit

 A trick i just realized... I am working on a java project with a fellow CS Student. my partner and I sometimes use CodeTogether (an IDEA extension) to pair program remotely (or even in person)... a major issue with it (for the project), is that it is saved on the host's computer and only shows that they did the commit... a solution is in the git commit message, add 

Co-authored by, followed by the other person's name or email used, and select the correct recommendation 

and it should also find and give you the option to auo-complete their name and email... in github it shows up as both people did the commit together!

This is what it looks like after pushing the code: 

This comes in handy for pair programming, code reviews, and job interviews. 

CodeTogether has a limited free version, the application can let the person you share with work on the project at the same time via a web-interface or via IDEA (in the current window, or even a new window). 

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